You cannot delete your Threads account without losing your Instagram profile

Non si può eliminare l’account Threads senza perdere il profilo Instagram thumbnail

The big tech news of the week is definitely the launch of Threadsthe new social network of Meta which aims to compete directly with Twitter. After a decidedly positive launch (10 million users in 7 hours of launch), users are reporting the first problems. The most obvious concerns the inability to unlink the Threads account from the Instagram one: if you want to remove yourself from the new social network, you must also unsubscribe from the Meta photographic platform.

After numerous complaints from users, Meta has acknowledged the problem, stating that “is studying a way to separate the two accounts.”

Why are Threads and Instagram accounts linked?

Indeed, one of the great advantages of Threads is the possibility of log in with a single account. As in fact it already happens for all the social networks of Meta (Facebook and Instagram).

A simple system, which therefore allows you to bypass all the tedious registration procedures with choosing a username, password and account verification via email. Simple but also problematic, given that many users now don’t know how to delete the Threads profile without losing the Instagram one.

Meanwhile Elon Musk cries out for plagiarism

The launch of Threads has obviously monopolized the tech discussion in the last few hours, and Elon Musk, we know, is not there to be sidelined. After all, the Meta platform aims at a market dominated by Twitter, although Musk’s chirping social network is doing very badly lately. Let’s say the bluebird is flying with one wing.

In addition to the physical confrontation proposals and the walrus moves, Musk has once again shot an arrow at Mark Zuckerberg, going so far as to state that Threads is a plagiarism of Twitter.

In the meantime we remind you that Threads is not currently available in Europe (and consequently in Italy). But the ways of the web are endlessand if you want to try it, we have the right article for you.

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