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YouTube announces several innovations for the future: more AI, gaming and streaming TV

The new CEO of YouTube, Neal Mohan, outlined what the future of the platform will be, announcing several upcoming news. Mohan confirmed that the community will be at the center, with particular attention to the creators, who will be valued more. YouTube will also focus on content from streaming TV, gaming e podcast. Also, just like the other digital behemoths, will implement new features based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Recall Mohan became CEO of YouTube just under two weeks ago on February 16, 2023, taking over from Susan Wojcicki.

The future of YouTube: what’s new to come

Among the new arrivals there will certainly be features that will lead YouTube towards a more televised approach. Indeed, Mohan declared that “we will bring the best of YouTube to your living room”. We can therefore expect TV streaming content, such as dedicated sporting and original events.

The platform will also point to capitalize on the world of gaming and esports, who currently find their favorite home on Twitch. The CEO explained that video game content has brought “over two trillion views” to the platform.

If the parent company, Google, has already announced Bard, YouTube will also implement new features powered by AI. Mohan stated that these “will allow to broaden the narrative aspect and increase the production value”. We don’t currently know how YouTube will use AI, but the CEO said:

“We took the time to develop these features carefully and thoughtfully. In the coming months we will develop tools with which everyone can adopt this technology responsibly”.

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