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YouTube changes look, here are all the news for the platform

YouTube changes look, here are all the news thumbnail

Today, YouTube announced an important update user experience with a real change of look for the web version and for the mobile app with many news all to be discovered for users. Here are the details:

YouTube is renewed, here are the news

With a long post on the official blog published in these hours, YouTube has announced the arrival of several new features that aim to offer an even more complete user experience. For users, the debut of pinch to zoom is recorded with the possibility of zooming into videos with the movement of their fingers.

Furthermore, theAmbient Mode, a mode that introduces shades of colors in tone with the video played in the area below the player. For users there will be the possibility to take advantage of the frame-by-frame view of the uploaded videos.

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Among the innovations announced by YouTube there is also a restyling that will lead to ttransformation into buttons of links within descriptions. A new style will feature the various buttons that allow access to app features such as Subscribe and Like.

All the news announced by YouTube in these hours will begin to arrive within the app and in the web version of the service in the near future, thus continuing the platform’s renewal program.

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