YouTube creates news hub from only ‘authoritative sources’

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YouTube announced the introduction of new features to simplify the consumption of news on the platform. The main goal of these new features is to combat misinformation and allow users to find the latest stories from trusted sources. For this reason, come on YouTube comes a hub of only news from “authoritative sources.”

YouTube creates news hub from only ‘authoritative sources’

YouTube’s effort against misinformation, which combines known sources and ease of use, involves two elements:

  • The News View Page: This feature will pull content from sources deemed “authoritative” by YouTube and recommend additional videos related to the same topic.
  • The Shorts Innovation Program: The Shorts feature will provide concise information to allow viewers to get quick updates on the day’s news.
  • YouTube worked with more than 20 news organizations in 10 countries to offer informative content to its users. However, these collaborations only include organizations with a long-standing video presence on YouTube. To further support innovation in short-form news, YouTube is investing $1.6 million in its “Shorts Innovation Program for News.”

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    The platform will recommend videos from major news outlets, including The Associated Press, Sky News e CBS Evening News. This move by YouTube is a direct response to the growing problem of online misinformation and the need to offer truthful, well-researched news to its users.

    This innovation seems to be going in the right direction, relying on authoritative sources to provide national and international news. But control of the other videos and shorts on the platform cannot be lost. Otherwise, it would just seem like an invitation to only trust the information on this page, e.g be wary of the rest of the videos on YouTube.

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