Nuova interfaccia per YouTube su Android e iOS thumbnail

YouTube highlights the most viewed parts of the videos

YouTube highlights the most viewed parts of the thumbnail videos

YouTube launches a new feature designed for simplify watching longer videos, highlighting in a graph the most viewed parts. This should make it easier to use especially those videos that have not been divided into chapters.

YouTube highlights the most viewed parts of the videos

The new feature was previously available as an experiment for users YouTube Premium, but now it becomes available to everyone. Be users premium that free. Both on desktop than on iOS e Android.

A welcome change especially for some longer videos, such as product presentations or tutorials. The creators already have the possibility of using timestamps, which allow you to break the video into capitals. But this function it does not replace timestamps, rather it completes them. For example, it allows you to understand at a glance which capitals have been the most followed, which clips are having success.


There are also many other practical features of this novelty. For example, the ability to see the most popular moments of a gamer’s video. In addition to showing the graph, YouTube will also report in the thumbnail when you have reached the piece “More concerned “.

YouTube is also extending the function of chapters for videos also for smart TVs and gaming consoles. The function also arrives Single Loop, chand allows you to put a video in loop so that it keeps repeating itself, a function previously provided only for playlists.

Finally, YouTube announced that it will begin experimenting with a feature that allows you to search for the precise moment within a video directly from the Premium version of the app. At the moment, this only works using Google Search.

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