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YouTube launches Creator Music, for commercial music licensing

YouTube announced the marketplace Creator Musicthat all members of the Partner Program Of YouTube in the United States they can use to obtain commercial music licenses. First announced last September, it offers an extensive catalog of songs that creators can browse, search and buy to add audio tracks to your YouTube videos.

YouTube Creator Music, go to the market for music licenses

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According to what has been announced by YouTube, one of the advantages of this platform is simplicity: the terms of music rights are expressed in simple language, so that creators immediately understand the costs involved. Creators can purchase licenses. But also select songs that deliver revenue sharing options, so that whoever created the tracks earns a percentage of the video’s revenue.

This new feature addresses a long-standing point of contention on the platform. So far – and still outside the US – a creator who uses a song that he doesn’t own the rights to ends up giving all advertising revenue from your video to the music license holder. This leads many to not use copyrighted music. Damage for musical artists and creators. As well as for the fans, who always have to hear the same generic notes of public domain songs.

How the new marketplace works

With the launch of Creator Music, YouTube wants to simplify licensing management. Through an online dashboard, creators can search for songs that are on their mind or browse by collections, genres or moods. Once they’ve chosen the right songs for their video, they can view the associated licensing costs. And they can even set a maximum budget to limit their search to the tracks they can afford.

Once the perfect track has been chosen, creators can choose whether to purchase a license after reviewing the terms. Alternatively, they can find a revenue sharing arrangement. With the first just download the song to add to their video. If they don’t want to pay an upfront fee for using the music, they can choose a track with the revenue sharing option instead.

This double payment method allows you to meet both the biggest creators who want to control the costs associated with the productions, and those younger children who often cannot afford to pay upfront costs on video.

More options for creatives

The new service does not replace the audio library of free youtube songs, very used above all by those who are youtubers more as a hobby than as a job. In fact, you can view free songs in YouTube Creator Music as well, including those in the Audio Library. All you have to do is set “zero” as the maximum cost of the tracks.

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YouTube had already brought many popular tracks in the Shorts, the format born to compete directly with TikTok. The fact that TikTok You use popular music has led the video app to have a strong influence on music charts: viral videos generate more streams and downloads of used tracks, especially the catchiest ones. So much so that it seems that TikTok also wants to launch its own music streaming service, another market in which it will compete with YouTube.

Now in the US all these hit songs will be available for longer videos as well. The company explained that it aims to expand these features overseas soon – e Of Italy is usually in the group of nations that follows immediately after the USA. We will keep you posted.

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