YouTube Music improves the radio algorithm

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In the past few days, Google has been working hard to improve the experience of YouTube Music. Recently, in fact, the platform has seen the addition of the “Add to UI playlist“ function, integration with Snapchat and much more. In particular, Google has worked to improve the “back-end logic that chooses the music that appears” in the Radio, so as to “increase the diversity of the artists in these playlists”. Let’s go find out something more.

YouTube Music: The platform improves the radio song algorithm

New function for YouTube Music, which integrates an algorithm that selects the songs of the Radio, so as to guarantee users to always listen to different artists. “Since making these changes, we’ve seen an increase in likes and track discovery from these playlists, and our teams are eager to further enhance this experience for all of you along the way.” By doing this, selecting a song from the search results that song will start playinginstead of also generating a radio station.

Beyond that, YouTube Music is also working on one section dedicated to families. Apparently, this also includes a custom Family Mix and other specially designed playlists. “If you usually listen to music suitable for a family, you will see a ‘For the family’ section in the Feed, with the Family Mix as the first playlist available within it. We are continuing to create similar features with the target audience of family listeners in mind. And we hope to experience a more video-forward Family Mix, and better Smart TV and game console integrations in the future. ” Finally, the Listen Again section on YouTube Music for smart TVs and game consoles will stop showing duplicates, and will feature “more hits”.

In short, Google is trying in every way to improve the experience on the music streaming platform. And actually it seems to do it very well too.

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