YouTube Music launches Create a Radio feature – here’s what it’s all about

YouTube Music lancia la funzionalità Crea una Radio: ecco di cosa si tratta thumbnail

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Oggi YouTube Music officially announced a new feature called Create a Radio, available in app on both iOS and Android. As the name suggests, this allows you to generate a personalized music selection, based on a selection of artists chosen manually. The concept is therefore similar to Radio Artist by Spotifyalbeit with some extra features.

Previously, YouTube Music automatically generated a sort of Artist radio, queuing up songs you might like based on your last listen. But now, with Create a Radio, you can customize this feature even more. Let’s try to figure out how.

How it works Create YouTube Music Radio

Create a Radio allows you to create a real radio station from scratch, combining a series of elements indicated by the user himself. These will be able to choose up to a maximum of 30 artists, which will be the “base” of the programming. This does not mean that we will often listen to their music, on the contrary, but that the Radio will generate songs similar to those of the artists indicated by us.

In this regard, once the artists have been selected, it will be possible to choose how often we want to listen to them. There are three options: Familiar, Blend o Discover. Con Familiar the Radio will rotate the songs of the chosen artists, while with Blend will mix the same with new music but similar to those genres. Finally with Discover we will discover only and exclusively new artists, not selected at the beginning of the Radio’s creation process.

Finally, you can further customize your radio by applying “filters” and “tags” to playback. This way it is possible choose between new and old releases, slow and up-tempo songs, and between different music genres. If you like the created radio you can also save it by clicking on Add to library.

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