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YouTube Premium now costs more in the US: will there be an increase in Italy too?

The cost of the monthly YouTube Premium membership will increase in the United States. Starting from November 21, the family plan will cost $ 22.99a whopping $ 5 more than the current $ 17.99, in line with the € 17.99 of the cost of the service for Italy.

Although no increase has been announced for the Italian market, it cannot be excluded that YouTube will decide, sooner or later, to align the costs of its subscriptions.

What changes as the cost of YouTube Family Premium increases

Engadget reports that with the new prices, the convenience for family plans, especially those consisting of two people, is reduced. If before in fact the Family Premium savings were $ 6 compared to two single subscriptionsnow the benefit is reduced to only $ 1.

The prices for single subscriptions ($ 11.99 per month) and student plans ($ 6.99) remain unchanged. Even the benefits of the subscription remain the same, with Premium which includes:

  • Ability to view videos and content without commercial breaks
  • Download for offline video viewing
  • YouTube Music subscription included
  • Feature that allows you to continue playing music and videos in the background, even with the smartphone screen turned off.

Waiting to understand how and if prices for Italy will change, YouTube last week confirmed the end of the recent “experiment” which had limited access to 4K content to Premium users only of the service. For the moment, in fact, there is no payment system to take advantage of the high-resolution content on the Google streaming platform.

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