YouTube Premium tests a new button to watch videos at 2x speed

YouTube Premium testa un nuovo modo per guardare i video a velocità 2x thumbnail

In these hours some subscribers to YouTube Premium can experience the new feature that allows you to see the 2x speed video directly from the player. This is just a test and it’s not clear if the feature will be released to all subscribers in the future.

The new 2x button on YouTube: what changes?

In reality, as you surely know, YouTube has long been allowing you to choose the playback speed of videos, both from mobile and desktop. Usually, however, it is necessary to click on the three dotsscroll through the drop-down menu and manually select the desired speed.

The new button greatly simplifies the process, directly integrating the possibility to choose 2x from the video player. To activate it just hold your finger on the screen. At that point the app will allow us to choose the speed that best suits us.

The new feature seems to be very inspired by TikTok (from which YouTube has already “borrowed” the Shorts feature). Indeed, if you long-press on a TikTok video, the app shows a number of different options, including a menu that allows you to select the desired playback speed.

The Verge reports that the test will end on August 13th. We remind you, as reaffirmed at the beginning of this article, that the new feature is currently available on sOnly for those who have an active YouTube Premium membership.

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