YouTube reveals millions of incorrect copyright claims

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According to a report released by the YouTube App in the last few hours, over 2.2 million videos have been the subject of copyright claims. Although later canceled between January and June 2021. The copyright transparency report is the first of its kind published by the platform. From now on, however, it will be updated every two years. At least that’s what the company promises.

YouTube: App publishes a copyright transparency report

The YouTube App revealed that 2.2 million video copyright incorrect claims accounted for less than 1% of over 729 million issued in the first half of this year. And as many as 99% of these came from Content ID, the platform’s automated application tool. When users disputed these claims, the case was resolved in favor of the user who uploaded the video 60% of the time. So the report reports.

The argument is rather thorny, mind you. YouTube creators have long complained about how the platform handles claims. An overly aggressive or unwarranted attitude of the platform can lead to a loss of revenue. In fact, claims for copyright infringement can result in the video being blocked, the sound turned off or the advertising revenue returned to the owner of the rights. Therefore, the report addresses an issue that the YouTube App really needs to take action.

As early as 2019, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said the platform was “exploring improvements in finding the right balance between copyright owners and creators”. The new report notes that “no system is perfect” and that errors occur even as the platform tries to prevent them in every way. “When disputes arise, the YouTube process provides a true appeal, and over 60% of these disputes have been resolved in favor of the uploader.” Thus concludes the YouTube App report.