YouTube chiude il canale di Lofi Girl (ma ci ripensa) thumbnail

YouTube shuts down Lofi Girl channel (but thinks back)

YouTube closes the Lofi Girl channel (but thinks about it) thumbnail

A channel listened to by many to relax or to keep a quiet background music while they work or study. Lofi Girl has a lot of fans, who worried when YouTube removed the videos from the channel, threatening to close it. Fortunately, the situation is settled for the best.

YouTube removes videos from the Lofi Girl channel

They used to be known as ChilledCowbut they all started call it Lofi Girl. Because the protagonist of these relaxing videos was a girl who listened to music on headphones while studying, accompanied by a cat who looked out the window. An animated wallpaper to accompany hours of relaxing ‘lofi’ music, with that scratchy quality that helps you relax.

Lots of people watched the video “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to”, che delivered calming notes at any time of day. Until Youtube removed it.

lofi girl youtube channel closed min

They are Twitter Lofi Girl’s account explains that YouTube removed the video due to alleged copyright infringement, threatening to shut down the channel. But since the stream had been going live for a long time on that radio, removing the video was in itself a doom to the whole project.

To file a complaint Fmc Music Sdn Bhd Malaysiaa, who, however, allegedly presented illegitimate declarations. In fact YouTube replied: “Confirmed that the removal requests were illegitimate, we closed the account that reported them, we archived the reports + restored your videos: sometimes it can take 24-48 hours before everything is back to normal ! we are sorry that this happened and thank you for your patience while we solved the problem “.

Fortunately, the channel is back up and running. Indeed, you can listen to it directly from the box below.

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