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Youtubers Life 2: from today in digital for consoles and PC

Let’s discover the launch trailer and the first images of Youtubers Life 2, now available digitally for consoles and PC.

Youtubers Life 2: the launch trailer

Youtubers Life 2 is coming, following a title that has thrilled more than 1.5 million players worldwide. New challenges await aspiring YouTubers, who will have to grasp the latest trends of the moment. The game is already available for consoles (PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch) and PC.

In this new title, players will take on the role of one Pop-up YouTuber in NewTube City. Once in the city they will have to keep an eye on the news and trends around them to create content and reach the top. Just like in real life, new trends change every day and they can be found anywhere: a place, an event, a new exclusive video game or a popular person.

Like all life simulation games, players can also design their home and customize their character. They will be able to engage in personal relationships with other citizens and seek to become i trendsetter of the city. Additionally, Youtubers Life 2 players will be able to meet their favorite YouTuber in game. In fact, the title includes the characters of PewDiePie, Crainer, LaurenzSide and numerous other web celebrities.

“We want players to feel like they’re really part of the city when they play,” he says Sergio de Benito, marketing director of Raiser Games. “Whether it’s tracking down the latest trends, meeting new friends or recording content for their channel. The spirit of the game is this after all: feeling part of the city and at the same time feeling that you are making it yours. “

Upload video to NewTube, stream to Glitch and post to InstaLife

To become a true trendsetter, you will need to follow the trends of the moment and create content. Choose whether to upload videos to NewTube, stream on Glitch or become an influencer on InstaLife. By doing so, you can aspire to achieve new records and earn millions of subscribers.

The city of NewTube City is full of dedicated shops and ever-changing trends. Every day you can catapult yourself into a new adventure. It will be up to you to find out if the best content to capture is in a recreation center, arcade, or perhaps someone you don’t yet know.

Make the most of the drone, your companion on adventures, which allows you to film from new angles not accessible to humans. You can also customize it and equip it with useful features, such as night vision or the ability to live stream.

Youtubers Life 2 is available for PC at the price of 29,99€ and for console a 39,99€.

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