YouTube’s artificial intelligence will allow you to create songs with Drake’s voice

L'intelligenza artificiale di YouTube permetterà di creare canzoni con la voce di Drake thumbnail

YouTube is developing a tool based on artificial intelligence that would allow you to create audio content using the voices of famous musicians like Drake. The indiscretion, leaked in a recent article by Bloombergis causing a lot of discussion, as the problem of copyright would arise again.

However, Bloomberg reports that YouTube would be okay with this new tool dealing directly with record companies to obtain all the necessary rights. The source claims that the majors have not yet agreed to any deal, although negotiations are ongoing.

YouTube’s project to use artificial intelligence in music: what record companies think about it

YouTube launched a new set of tools that leverage artificial intelligence last month. These also include solutions that allow you to create backgrounds for videos and for automatic dubbing in different languages. The company hoped to launch the new tool for music as well, but record companies are decidedly reluctant.

At the base there is the concern that copyrighted works are being used to train generative AI models. After all, in recent months, we have witnessed a real technological wild west. Several users have used AI to make certain artists sing songs that they have never performed in real life. Some specific cases we have dealt with are:

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom the artists’ union has drawn up 5 rules for the use of AI in music.

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