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YouTube’s Partner Program exceeds 2 million creators

About 14 years after its debut, the YouTube Partner Program has surpassed the 2 million “creator” mark. The platform that allows you to monetize your videos thanks to advertising content continues to grow. Over the past three years, thanks to the Partner Program, YouTube has donated to its creatorsr over 30 billion dollars also contributing to the creation of a large number of jobs.

Keep growing the Partner Program on YouTube

The results of the YouTube Partner Program continue to be very positive. The platform that allows creators to monetize their content has, in fact, reached a share 2 million users and has made over $ 30 billion in revenues available to various partners over the past three years. For creators, the opportunities for monetizing their content are constantly growing. YouTube continues to represent an excellent income opportunity for many channels.

The requirements for accessing the program

To join the YouTube Partner Program, you must meet specific minimum requirements. To date, in fact, joining the program requires at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of overall channel viewing over the past 12 months. The program allows creators to earn through ads, memberships, donations, live streams and incoming from YouTube Premium. According to the data provided, the number of new channels that joined the program during 2020 more than doubled compared to 2019.

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