Yuga Aoyama: eccola in MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2

Yuga Aoyama arriva in MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2 thumbnail

Yuga Aoyama “enters” MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2: the fifth and final DLC character of the Season Pass 2 concludes the second season pass of the game.

The handsome Class 1-A student has arrived to win the battle. But will he be able to make it through this path full of challenges? His trusty belt channels his powerful Quirk, Navel Laser, into a blade or beam that can throw his opponents away.

Yuga Aoyama, MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2: il trailer

Below is the trailer of the character, in just under a minute of condensed emotions to better understand the behavior of the protagonist on the battlefield. Special attention to Yuga Aoyama’s stomach: will her belly be able to withstand the blows?

Each DLC is available as part of the Season Pass or can be purchased separately.

The demo is still available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC and gives access to the start of the game in Story Mode and Free Battle with 6 characters from the roster.

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