Annunciata l'edizione speciale di Yuoni per PlayStation 5: ecco il trailer thumbnail

Yuoni: a special edition for PlayStation 5 is coming

Good news for first person horror fans. Indeed Meridiem Games is about to release a special edition of Yuoni, which will be called the Sunset Edition. Let’s take a first look at the trailer and find out what it is.

Yuoni – Sunset Edition: in December in Europe

Afternoon Games just announced that Yuoni, the chilling first person horror game, will be released as a special boxed edition for PlayStation 5. The expected date across Europe is December 3. The game, developed by Tricore Inc and published by Chorus Worldwide Games, tells the tragic story of To the. The latter is a young Japanese girl persecuted by otherworldly entities.

The Sunset Edition will include a specially designed box and a set of postcards illustrating some of the terrifying artwork featured in the game. The plot is about Ai, a very young student in Japan in the 90s. The girl finds herself hunted by otherworldly entities against which she will have to fight. Soon Ai will accept that he has only three choices: hide, run away or die.

Trailer and game features

Here are some of the features of the game:

Evolving gameplay: Your every choice will affect the story. But not only that: remember well which paths you have taken, otherwise you risk being trapped in a terrifying eternal loop.

Oriental settings: Although this is a horror, applause goes to the creators of the Japanese-style settings. The game is characterized by the right mix of beauty, fear and nostalgia.

Hide or die: Ai is only 10 years old and cannot always fight his ghostly enemies. Often hiding is the wisest choice.

Your own demons – Otherworldly creatures aren’t the only demons to face. The story revolves around a tragic friendship, betrayals and personal ghosts.

Multiple endings: After completing the game you can try to replay by making different choices.

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