ZeniMax Studios Microsoft: the gaming syndicate

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The quality control workers ZeniMax Studios they voted in favor of formation of a union with the Communications Workers of America – and the parent company of ZeniMax, Microsoftshe did not object. Microsoft formally acknowledged ZeniMax Workers United/CWA along with the results of today’s vote, making this union the largest in the video game industry and the first US syndicate of Microsoft overall.

Microsoft acknowledges ZeniMax Studios and CWA

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Circa 300 members of ZeniMax personnel were involved in the union initiative, which was prepared for months before going public in early December. All this happened in the period in which i tester QA from another major game studio, Blizzard Albany, voted to unionize with the CWA. The Blizzard Albany syndicate is The second one at parent company Activision Blizzard, after Raven Software QA personnel voted for the organization in maggio 2022.

ZeniMax Workers United/CWA employees say the union will help put an end to sudden periods of crisis. They also believe it can make more equal pay and may improve communication with management, as well as offering other benefits in the workplace.

ZeniMax Studios specializes in online experiences and is responsible for Elder Scrolls Online. Microsoft bought the studio in March 2021 following a deal from 7.5 billion dollars which brought Bethesda and other major development houses under the Xbox banner.

A Microsoft spokesperson released the following statement regarding the ZeniMax Studios vote: “In light of the results of the recent unionization vote, we recognize Communications Workers of America as the negotiating representative for ZeniMax’s Quality Assurance employees. We look forward to engaging in good faith negotiations to reach a collective bargaining agreement.”