Zoom Focus Mode

Zoom avoids student distractions with “Focus Mode”

Zoom announces “Focus Mode“, The functionality designed for prevent students from getting distracted while participating in a virtual class, while allowing the teacher to keep an eye on them. When the mode is activated, session participants cannot access each other’s video and screen sharing. But the host, on the other hand, is able to see everyone’s webcams. This is something similar to the “Webinar” mode, but with some minor improvements. Zoom’s “Focus Mode”, for example, would appear to be also available for free accounts. A detail not to be underestimated at all.

Zoom “Focus Mode”, the function to keep an eye on the students

Given the spread of the Delta variant and the possibility that students will not be able to attend in person, Zoom has suffered a run for cover. Considering that many of the lessons will take place online, the platform has chosen to launch a function that can guarantee the effective participation of students in virtual classes. And so “Focus Mode” was born. This option will put the teacher’s video, or sharing your screen, in the foreground for session participants. Although this will not be the only thing they will have access to.

Zoom Focus ModeCredits: Zoom

In addition to seeing their own video, students will also be able to access host-authorized videos and screen sharing. And then also to the names of the participants and to any reactions in the form of emojis. Overall, therefore, the new mode appears to be a good solution to prevent students from distracting each other during class, and it may even have its uses outside the school environment. As in the case of a company presentation, why not ?!

If the idea of ​​controlling the attention of your virtual audience particularly teases you, you can try activating Zoom’s “Focus Mode” for your account. At this point, just click on the “More” button during a meeting to start the new platform mode.

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