100% electric Ford Explorer: what is the price?

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Ford is ready to enter a new era of its electric vehicles with the 100% electric Ford Explorer. The new model is only the first of a new generation of electric vehicles that will be produced in Colonia. And she has already started an amazing journey with Lexie Limitless. But what is the prezzo of the Ford Explorer electric?

Ford Explorer electric

100% electric Ford Explorer: the news from Ford

The new one was revealed last March crossover Explorerone of the top models in the range Fordwhich is renewed in a completely electric guise and which blends German engineering with the American style that has always distinguished the car manufacturer.

Il Ford Explorer electric it marks a new era for the American company in Europe and is only the first of a series of electric vehicles already defined as revolutionary.

It remains a mid-size crossover, which is designed and assembled in Germany for a cutting-edge digital experience. Among the prominent features, in fact, there is a large SYNC Move 2 mobile touchscreen, equipped with a complete infotainment system and advanced driver assistance functions.

The characteristics and autonomy

The design of the Ford Explorer electric it is highly aerodynamic, inspired by the iconic SUV of the American company, and is available in two versions, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Features also include heated and massaging front seats, customizable climate control and keyless access to the trunk.

Charging the Ford Explorer electric it’s quick and easy – from 10 to 80% in about 25 minutes. The technical specifications of the engine and battery have not yet been released, but the new Explorer range could start with the first single electric motor version for 170 HP and 350 km of autonomy.

The Premium version, however, could have a single 230 HP engine combined with a second battery which brings theautonomy at 240 km. The performance of the electric motor and charging are ready to become the hallmark of Ford electric vehicles.

Not only. Ford Europe is committed to offering a full range of all-electric passenger vehicles by 2030.

Ford Explorer electric: what is the price?

Reservations are already open on the official websites Ford and available throughout Europe, including in Italy. L’100% electric Explorer It is available in two versions – Explorer ed Explorer Premium – which promise to let customers explore an exciting electric future.

But what is the price of the new electric Ford Explorer?

The two versions of crossover Explorer they can already be booked with a prezzo expected starting from less than 45,000 euros. Additionally, customers can experience virtual test drives in various driving environments.

Electric Ford Explorer: Lexie "Limitless" AlfordLexie “Limitless” Alford’s journey with Ford

100% electric explorer: the journey of Lexie “Limitless” Alford

The electrical system of Ford Europe opened in Cologne last June: inaugurated as the Colonia Electric Vehicle Center, it is a modern design and production structure from which the new Electric Explorers and all the Ford-branded electric vehicles of the future.

The plant is located on the historic factory Ford by Niehl, founded way back in 1930. Extending over an area of ​​125 hectares, the aim of the plant is to maximize efficiency in the design and production of a cutting-edge line.

In the plant Ford of Cologne batteries and automated equipment are also produced, which will allow the production of over 25 thousand electric vehicles per year. L’Electric Explorer it is the first vehicle produced in Cologne, which is already planned to be followed by a sports crossover.

The commitment of Ford EV Center in Cologne it’s being zero emissions. A global record that will allow the car manufacturer to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2035.

Executive Chairman Bill Ford said: “The opening of the EV Center in Cologne represents the start of a new era for electric vehicles and sustainable manufacturing in Europe. This facility will be one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly in the industry. I am excited to continue working towards a zero-emission future for the next generations”

The new Explorer’s first adventure with Lexie Limitless

To demonstrate the extraordinary capabilities ofExplorer, Ford has partnered with the adventure travel influencer Lexie Alfordwho will lead a global expedition in the new all-electric Explorer, inspired by the Aloha Wanderwell explorer.

Known on social media as Lexie Limitlessthe influencer began his journey around the world on September 8th driving the new Ford Explorer electric. The journey began and will end in Nice, France, exactly like that of Aloha Wanderwall.

The journey will last a total of three months, crossing six continents and is an unprecedented undertaking, designed to go beyond the limits of an electric vehicle. L’Explorer used by Lexie is a pre-production prototype that comes as close as possible to the vehicle that customers will be able to purchase in Europe from summer 2024.

It is possible to experience Lexie’s adventure in real time via social media – on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube – by searching for the hashtag #ChargeAroungTheGlobe.

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