15 ideas to grow your TikTok account

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Let’s discover 15 ideas to grow your TikTok account. Use these great examples to grow your account and increase engagement!

It is the platform of the moment, in continuous growth and (like the puzzle week) the one that boasts the highest number of imitations. We are obviously talking about TikTok.

One thing is certain: to be successful on this social network, you need to be creative and have many ideas, possibly original. I say this because even the most famous “content creators” often get stuck in a kind of routine that prevents them from evolving and keeping attention high.

15 ideas to grow your TikTok account

Without claiming to be complete, I want to give you not one but 15 creative ideas to grow your TikTok account.

  • Participate in challenges
  • It’s one of the trends that never die on TikTok: it’s challenges. You can find them galore, every day there are new ones. One way to stay ahead of the game is to participate in these challenges, from dance challenges to lip-syncing videos.

  • Make a “comedy” skit
  • TikTok itself does not properly define itself as a “social network” like Instagram or Facebook, but as an “entertainment platform”. And entertainment, as we know, is based on the ability to amuse and make people smile.

    You can throw yourself into one of these skits by acting alone or with your friends. Whether the humor in the videos is cheesy, embarrassing, or hilarious, there are sure to be people on TikTok who will appreciate your humor and engage with your content.

  • Film the “behind the scenes”
  • This is the perfect idea if you own a business, perform in a show/concert but not only: whatever your profession, you will surely have a backstage, a preparatory moment before the actual activity.

    All you have to do is show what’s really going on behind the scenes. With the use of video editing and music you can really create quality backstage.

  • Go live
  • Well, TikTok also has a function to go live streaming, just like Facebook and Instagram. This is an excellent way to connect with your audience.

    You can host a live video for special occasions or just for people to see and interact with – Q&A sessions are perfect for this occasion.

  • Share your favorite recipes
  • Trust me, you can never go wrong with cooking videos.

  • Show your products
  • If you are a small business owner, a craftsman or a merchant, and you want to use TikTok for business, I suggest you show your products on TikTok but be careful: show them in action! Don’t make simple (hateful) commercials, but show what they do and what problem they solve.

  • Use the “Duet” function
  • You should definitely use the duet features on TikTok. This feature can be used to film a reaction video, participate in challenges, and more.

    Entrepreneurs can also use the duet feature to share user-generated content, such as videos of customers using the products.

  • Share your morning/night routine
  • People love to discover the daily routine of others. You could create videos where you demonstrate your routine, asking others to do the same.

  • Publish educational content
  • But TikTok is not just entertainment. Educational and learning content is my favorite! You can post educational content on a wide variety of topics, as long as…you know the topic! Start with what you are sure you master.

  • Share a tutorial
  • You can never go wrong with a tutorial. TikTok users love learning new things on the platform, so play it safe because your tutorial will significantly increase your engagement levels.

    Tip: Try to make your tutorials streamlined and easy to follow so everyone can learn.

  • Film an unboxing video
  • Unboxing videos are extremely popular on TikTok. If you recently received a new product from a company you love, you should film yourself opening the package.

  • Share a preview
  • If you are an entrepreneur and are about to launch a new product soon, you should try posting a preview video.

    Creating curiosity around something is always a good way to keep people glued to the screen.

  • Work with TikTok influencers and content creators
  • If you’re looking to make your TikTok account even better, you should try working with influencers – there’s a wide variety of influencers who would love to partner with you. Start with those that are more accessible and in line with your audience niche.

    This method is excellent for growing on Instagram as recommended by Luca De Matteis, therefore, it is even more so on TikTok.

  • Hold a question and answer session
  • Do you get asked a lot of questions in the comment section? The Q&A feature on TikTik is perfect for you!

    The Q&A feature is easy to use and will allow you to connect more deeply with your audience.

  • Share a list
  • People love lists! You can make a list of anything.

    15 ideas to grow your TikTok account, now it’s your turn!

    You now have 15 ideas that you can use for your next TikTok post. Use these great examples to grow your account and increase engagement.