How to monitor the activity of a profile on Instagram

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In this article we will explain some tricks to monitor the activity of a profile on Instagram. We will tell you about various techniques, more or less invasive, to be able to collect the information you need!

At the moment Instagram certainly is one of the most used social networks, especially by young people who spend many hours there. Social media has now become a daily pastime with thousands, perhaps millions, of new videos and images uploaded every day for you to watch. But above all social networks allow us to meet new people to talk and joke with and allow us to share and develop our passions and interests. Or even to share our ideas, thoughts and experiences. In short, in social networks we put a lot of information concerning our personal life. Very often we can find information that we hide in our real life or we can discover sides of our person that are not exposed outside the web. Here because many people may be interested in monitoring the activities of an Instagram profile. Whether we are talking about your partner, your child or a friend, through their activity on social networks we will be able to understand many how. But how to go beyond the simple stories that last 24 hours and then disappear? Some tricks to make the most of the information source of social media!

How to monitor the activity of a profile on Instagram

Recent posts | Monitor the activity of a profile on Instagram

Let’s start with the basics: the stories are much more visible, but they disappear after 24 hours. The posts on the other hand, whose existence we often forget remain! So just go to the profile of the person we are interested in and scroll through his wall. Finding information will not be difficult. You can know where and who she has been with recently by looking at posts, reels and story highlights. Even if it is a simple and trivial strategy, it can bear many fruits! If you want to stay up to date at all times, you can activate notifications for a specific profile. Just go to the profile page of the interested person, tap the bell in the top right corner and you can receive notifications of each new post in real time.

Activities | Monitor the activity of a profile on Instagram

You can know if a person is online and using Instagram simply looking at your past chats in Direct. If you find a yellow dot with the wording “Active now” then you can be sure that that person is using the phone in some way through the well-known social network. Furthermore, this trick allows us to do much more! In fact, in the Direct chats the last activity of that person will also be reported, reporting how much time has passed since the latter! The time information on the activity on Instagram it can be very powerful, but be careful: others can see your status too.

Remain anonymous

As we just said, if we view the stories and content of a profile, the owner will be able to see that we are online and that we have viewed the story. In many cases when you want to monitor a social account but you want to go unnoticed and not arouse suspicion. But there are some very comfortable solutions. In fact, there are web services such as that allow you to view the public content of an Instagram profile such as stories, videos and posts in a completely anonymous way! The practice is very simple. Just enter the name of the profile you are interested in in the search bar and open it. Now you will see a sort of copy of the desired profile and you can view any content in peace. These services typically are free and easily accessible. Obviously you’ll have to make peace with a lot of advertising that pays for the service. Often you can also download the contents, which is impossible to do through the official app. They are therefore very useful tools also for collecting “evidence”. They only work for public profiles of course. We invite you to be wary of applications that allow you to view private profiles. In addition to risking legal problems, they are probably scams.

How to monitor the activity of a profile on Instagram

Use tracking software | Monitor the activity of a profile on Instagram

There are many software that allow you to retrieve information from other people’s cell phones in a very simple and discreet way. These apps allow access to almost all the data that is generated inside the phone. In particular, we will be able to see when and for how long a certain app is used. We will be able to see the messages that are exchanged with other people, the phone calls and video calls made, the photos downloaded and much more. In short, it’s almost like having another person’s phone in your hand.

But how do they work? Let’s take as an example one of the best, FamiGuard Pro. First of all you need to install the application in the phone of the person we are interested in. The application will usually be invisible. Then we have to register in the web portal provided by the app developer and from here we will have access to all the data we need. In addition to the messages exchanged with the most common apps and social activities (we can also see deleted messages on Instagram), we can also map the GPS location of the phone.

Obviously we have to warn you that this type of activity is considered illegal in many countries, if there is no explicit consent from the owner of the phone where you want to install the application. It doesn’t matter if it’s your partner and you suspect cheating or your child. privacy it can’t be hacked that easily! So ask before using these applications.

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