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15-inch MacBook Air coming in April

According to the latest rumors, the suppliers of Apple they would have started the production of the displays of a new one this month MacBook Air 15.5 inch, which should debut very soon – it seems next April.

Apple set to launch a 15-inch MacBook Air in April

According to the analyst of display industry Ross Youngwhich has it tweeted to his followers recently, suppliers have started producing the new Mac. Young is very familiar with the world of the Apple supply chain and thinks that the device it could arrive on the market as early as April. But maybe pre-orders could start even earlier.

A new variant for the size of the 15 inch display would bring to market the largest MacBook Air ever. And it looks like it could be added as an option to the existing 13-inch model. Apple launched the current 13-inch MacBook Air with M2 chip in July 2022 and costs 1,529 euros – although Apple also sells the M1 version for 1,229 euros.

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Young did not provide further details on the new model. We don’t even know if he will get the M2 chips or the next generation M3 chips with the 3nm process, which Apple has yet to announce. Apple’s chip supplier TSMC has began mass production of 3nm chips in December. However, it’s unclear if they’ll be ready as early as April.

The launch of a 15-inch MacBook Air with the M3 chip as early as this April would set a very rapid update pace for Apple’s chips. However, it is difficult to predict: we know the parts are ready for production, but not how Apple intends to assemble them.

Another unresolved question concerns the possible novelties Coming to the New MacBook Air: will it just be a bigger version (and maybe with a new chip) or will there be changes in design and functionality? At the moment there are no certain rumors about it.

We will therefore have to wait to see the new Mac to understand what will happen.

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