A technician modified an iPhone: it now has USB-C and Lightning ports

Un tecnico ha modificato un iPhone: ora ha porte USB-C e Lightning thumbnail

A technician knew add a USB-C port to an iPhone 12 mini, in addition to the door Lightning: A very unique modification. Which allows you to no longer have doubts about which charger to take on the road.

A technician puts a USB-C next to the iPhone’s Lightning port

YouTube user “Hyphaistos3672” took apart an iPhone 12 mini‌ for a special modification. You have indeed removed the loudspeaker at the bottom of the smartphone and created space for an additional port. A new USB-C connection, in addition to existing hardware.

Considering he removed and modified the speaker to fit the limited internal space and then reassembled the device, the resulting fit and finish is amazing.

Dual Port iPhone 12 mini e1676302109951 min

By connecting the smartphone to a Mac, both Lightning port and USB-C port work. So it seems possible to connect the device for charging. But also audio via a wired connection, which has been impossible since the removal of the headphone jack in 2016 without an adapter.

This isn’t the first time someone has put a USB-C port on an iPhone. But in the past, it was a device in which USB-C replaced Lightning: and the success of the device even at the time was enormous.

This new device instead has a dual port, something we have not seen in any device. I have better: there have been other smartphones with two USB-C ports to speed up charging, especially products for gaming. But this is the first with two different connection technologies, both working.

Apple is unlikely to steal this idea. But maybe he could contact the youtuber to put his skill under contract. Find the video below.

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