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18App: how to register

A state bonus of 500 euros can be a really useful thing, and you have probably already heard of this 18App bonus of which many kids who have reached the age of majority have taken advantage of this opportunity. Would you like to do it too? Here’s how to register with 18App

Quest0 18App is a topic that we have already covered in the guide dedicated to what it is and how to use it, in which we specified that it is a bonus of 500 euros given by the Italian state to all young people who have reached the age of majority. This bonus should be exploited when young people want to invest in culture and this concerns things such as cinema, theater and concert tickets, books, music CDs, comics and anything else you can think of. After having specifically explained what it is and how to use it, we will explain how to register with 18App.

18App: how to register

SPID | 18App: how to register

The simplest and fastest solution to register on 18App is via lo SPID. After creating the SPID and obtaining the credentials, all you have to do is simply go to this site and enter all the information it asks for and click on Youth Culture Charter located in the top menu. In the new screen that appears, select the tab SPIDpress on Enter with SPID and select the Identity Provider, as PosteID, TIM ID, ArubaID, Intesa ID, Sielte ID. Whichever you choose, enter your details in the fields Username e Passwordor Tax Code/VAT Number and Password if you have chosen Sielte ID, then click on the button Enter with SPID and select the option I agree, to allow the platform to access the data associated with your digital identity, such as name, surname, etc. Alternatively you can also frame the codice QR and at that point you created the account. On the screen Complete your registrationthe section will appear Beneficiary Datafinally enter your email to confirm registration and that’s it.

18App: how to register

CIE | 18App: how to register

In reality you can also register with the Electronic identity card (also called CIE). However, keep in mind that to do this you must have a smartphone that has technology NFT and have installed the app CieID, available for both Android and Apple. Or even a computer on which a software CIE and connected a NFC reader or a special smart card reader. Having said that, connect to the official website of the initiative and click on Youth Culture Charter. At this point, select the card CIE and then click on Enter with CIE. At this point a page will open asking you how you want to authenticate and choose whichever you prefer enter with your CIE credentials, enter with CIE app o enter with card reading. In the first case, enter the serial number in the required field and then click on Proceed. In the second case, start theapp CieID and use the scan the QR code to frame the appropriate QR with the camera. In the latter case, however, click on the button enter by reading the CIE card and choose whether to continue from your smartphone or PC and follow all the instructions.

18App: how to register

Helpline number

If you encounter any problems, you can call the customer support number directly 800.991.199 o 06.6723.2177, available from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) from 9.15am to 4.30pm. Or you can also send an email to the address [email protected] or you can also try to solve the problems independently by connecting to the initiative website to read the manual o to FAQ section. However, if you encounter problems logging in via CIE, you can request assistance by sending an email to [email protected]. If your login issues are SPID-related, you will need to contact customer support for the Identity Provider that created your digital identity.

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