2023 is the year of Payday 3: the game already has its page on Steam

Il 2023 è l’anno di Payday 3: il gioco ha già la sua pagina su Steam thumbnail

The development teams of Overkill Software e Starbreeze Studio have released a new teaser on the Steam page of Payday 3. In the short clip (just 25 seconds) we see fireworks on the New York skyline, while four shady figures look on. The video concludes with the game’s new logo which, at this point, will be releasing later this year. A hypothesis confirmed by the same teaser which reads: “this is the year of payday 3”.

What we know about Payday 3: Coming to consoles and Steam

The synopsis of the game on the Steam page reads:

“Payday 3 is the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most popular co-op shooters ever. Ever since its release, Payday players have enjoyed experiencing the thrill of a perfectly planned and executed heist. This is what makes Payday a high-octane co-op FPS experience like no other. Come out of retirement and return to the life of crime as the Payday Gang, the nightmare of law enforcement. Several years after the end of Washington DC’s reign of terror, the team comes back together to face a new threat.

From this synopsis we understand that players will return to take on the role of Dallas, Chains, Wolf and Hoxton, members of the Payday Gang. The trailer also confirms that the game will be set in New York. A recent statement from the development house Starbreeze (via Eurogamer) provides us with further details on the context in which we will be called to take up arms:

“The world of Payday is now entirely in the digital age, with software giants, cryptocurrencies, mass surveillance and the Dark Web all playing a role in the game, amidst new gadgets, challenges and opportunities.”

Payday 3 will be out during 2023 su PC (via Steam), PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch e Xbox Series X|S.