L’uscita del remake di System Shock avverrà nel corso del 2023 thumbnail

The remake of System Shock will be released in the course of 2023

Good news for System Shock lovers: the long-awaited remake is due out in 2023. The game will therefore arrive almost seven years after its announcement and 29 years after the release of the original game.

In fact, fans have been waiting for this announcement since June 28, 2016, when a crowdfunding campaign began on Kickstarter to bring the famous title back to modern consoles. The initial goal was $900,000, largely achieved and surpassed by over 21,000 supporters who donated a total of $1,350,700. In the original plans the remake was supposed to come out in December 2017. However, as we well know, several delays have accumulated.

Today’s announcement from developer Nightdive puts an end to waiting: the remake of System Shock is in release in March 2023. The Steam page of the game and the Kickstarter page have also been updated with this new launch window.

What we know about the System Shock remake: due out in March 2023

“As some of you have already pointed out, this isn’t the first time we’ve announced a tentative launch window. However, in recent years a lot has changed,” reads the official note from the developer. The scope of this project has evolved significantly, and Prime Matter joining the project has allowed us to focus on quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and localization support. These are the latest big steps towards launching a game we are all proud of.”

In February of last year Nightdive confirmed that the remake, like the original game, would “maintain a methodical approach to exploration, while revealing a narrative with a strong plot”. Also, according to the developer, the first System Shock was “a game like no other, one of the greatest of all time.”

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