Il 2023 sarà l'anno degli smartphone pieghevoli: attese vendite record thumbnail

2023 will be the year of foldable smartphones

2023 will be the year of foldable smartphones: record thumbnail sales expected

Foldable smartphones are destined to become more and more of a market reference point during 2023. The confirmation comes from a Digitimes report which estimates a substantial growth in sales of these devices, destined to get closer and closer to 30 million units shipped over the course of a calendar year. Here are the numbers of growth in the sector that will be recorded over the next year:

Foldable smartphones will continue to grow

Il 2022 will close with approx 18 million units shipped for foldable smartphones that will grow by 99% compared to 2021. Over the course of 2023 a further change of gear is foreseen. The foldable smartphone market will continue to grow to share 27.7 million units with a growth of +52% compared to the previous year. To anticipate these numbers is a report by Digitimes.

Samsung will continue to be the market benchmark though its share will start to drop significantly due to the growth of competitors. The Korean house should go from a market share of 75% in 2022 to one of 66% during 2023. We recall that Samsung recorded a market share of 85% in the smartphone sector with a folding display during 2021.

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