Emily in Paris: some anticipation on the fourth season

Avvocato fallimentare: cosa fa e come trovarlo

Let’s find out together some previews on the fourth season of Emily in Paris. The plot, the cast and when it will finally be available

The third season of the beloved series Emily in Paris has just concluded. The new episodes kept company during the holiday season, also resulting in one of the most watched on Netflix. Although this season has just finished, the production does not seem to want to stop even for a moment, since there is already talk of the next episodes. That there would have been a fourth season had been known for some time, given that it had already been decided in conjunction with the previous one, but now the time has come to find out a few more details.

The plot of Emily in Paris – fourth season

As had happened for the previous ones, the third season also ended with a cliffhanger, which had left everyone in suspense and the desire to understand how everything would go on. In these new episodes we will find the Emily-Gabriel-Camille triangle. This time however, Gabriel’s heavy revelation will weigh like a ton on the fate of the three. Camille’s pregnancy will upset her existence and that of the other characters, especially that of Emily, now convinced, wrongly, that she has crowned her dream of love. Darren Star, creator of the series, has however anticipated that it will be unlikely to see Camille give birth in this new season, due to the timing of events. In fact, each season covers a period of time equal to about 2 months, for this reason the appearance of a child is to be excluded.

It will be a season based on ability to carry on relationships. Whether they are personal or work, juggling between them is a difficult undertaking, because they often come into conflict with each other. Emily will have to do just that: learn to manage work relationships professionally, without the private sphere affecting her career ambitions.

Emily in Paris: some anticipation on the fourth season


The new installments will see the return of many characters. Alongside Lily Collinsinterpreter of Emily, we will find again of course Lucas Bravoas Gabriel e Camille Razat, in those of Camille. We will also review Ashley Parki.e. Mindy E Philippine Leroy- Beaulieu, aka Sylvie. Also Bruno Gouery e Samuel Arnold will return, respectively as Luc and Julien. The hypothesis that predicts the return of would also seem to be correct Lucien Laviscount as Alfie.

One character we probably won’t see again is Madeline, played by Kate Walsh. In the previous season, the woman had decided to return to Chicago, so a return of her would seem unlikely, if not for a few cameos.

When it comes out?

Season 4 of Emily in Paris was filmed concurrently with Season 3 in Paris last summer. This means that new episodes could land on Netflix before the holiday season of 2023. But still nothing is certain.

It remains to be seen if this fourth season will really be the last. Star indeed confessed that the progress of the plot led him to open up new paths and opportunities for all characters. What would he have meant? Maybe this season won’t be the last? Keep following us to find out.

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