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3 gift ideas for Dungeons & Dragons fans

In this article we will see 3 fantastic gift ideas designed for D&D fans, on the occasion of the release of Dungeons & Dragons – Honor among Thieves

Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most popular fantasy RPGs in history. Born in the 70s, D&D has certainly started a real fashion that has become more and more popular. And if initially it was just a board game, it gradually developed into other areas, creating the phenomenon of physical Role Playing, where players dress up and simulate a live game.

Of course, the brand has not only expanded to games, but has also been so influential that it has been featured in famous films and TV series such as Stranger Things. On 29 March 2023 the film “Dungeons & Dragons – Thieves’ Honor” and we of, for the occasion, have decided to bring in this guide 3 gift ideas for fans of the brandmade directly by AbyStyle!

Let’s begin!

Retro shoulder bag – 3 gift ideas for Dungeons & Dragons fans

And in full D&D style, this black shoulder bag with white details features a retro print on the front with ruin effects. The design depicts a knight ready to fight against a Red Dragon, while below we have the brand logo in white. With dimensions of: 38 x 29 x 12.5 cm, the bag is available on the official website at a price of €35.99.

Framed print – 3 gift ideas for Dungeons & Dragons fans

This fantastic print represents the “Player’s Handbook”: one of the many guides necessary to learn how to play the complex RPG. The design depicts “Snurre“: once king of the Asar clan of fire giants. This framed print made by GB Eye is 30.5cm wide and 40.6cm high and is available on the official website for €19.99.

3 gift ideas for fans of Dungeons & Dragons

XXL gift set – 3 gift ideas for Dungeons & Dragons fans

This set contains 4 products! In beautiful themed packaging, the set includes: a pint glass, a mug and two coasters. Each product, as you can see in the picture, features a unique D&D-inspired design. If we want, then, even the packaging can be considered as a collector’s product, given its aesthetics. This set is available on the official website at a price of €24.99.

To the Sword Coast!

These were our recommendations for gift ideas for Dungeons & Dragons fans. We remind you that on our site you can find other similar guides on One Piece, Dragon Ball and much more!

As always, we thank AbyStyle and invite you to follow for other articles from the nerd world and beyond.

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