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3 interactive games to choose what to stream

The amount of movies and series in streaming it has never been higher. Impossible that there is no online story capable of moving you, having fun, thrilling you. But the chance that you will be able to find it, however, is narrower than ever. Amazon he therefore decided to help you choose the movie or series to watch streaming that suits you with a game, thanks to the app IMDb What to Watch. An option that is only available for the Fire TVs.

Amazon helps us choose what to stream with IMDb’s interactive game

Choosing the right movie to stream can become a real challenge. We at techprincess try to give you a hand with our section Tonight on TV, where we try to give advice for all tastes.

Amazon has instead decided to focus on artificial intelligence, but in a much more fun way than the classic advice of streaming platforms. Indeed he introduced three different games in the app of IMDb called What to Watch, which allow you to choose what you want to see on TV.

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The three games to choose a movie or series

The games offered by Amazon are very simple and should help you choose. By limiting your options and giving yourself an incentive by taking advantage of the ‘gamification“. Instead of having an endless catalog to browse like the one you have when opening Netflix for example, the games will offer you finished alternatives.

In This or That you will have to answer some dual choice questions to understand what mood you are in and what television experience you are looking for. For example, it will ask you if you are in the mood for adventure or romance. If you want a film designed for the whole family or a horror splatter.

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Il Watch Challenge instead it invites you to complete the vision of some of the IMDb lists. For example the famous IMDb Top 250: if, for example, among the top ten titles the only one without the “Watched“Is The Wings of Freedom, he will propose you to see it.

It is even more immediate Quick Draw. The app will select between three films or TV series that will offer you as if they were cards at the casino: you have to choose one of the three. You can also shuffle the deck and get three new selections. But don’t do it too much, it would ruin the goal of quickly and well choosing the film that’s right for you.

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New challenges on the way

By taking advantage of the three games, you should be able to find the movie that’s right for you. Whether you want a series of questions for one tailored recommendationwhether you want to watch all the best movies (or the best Korean cartoons / horror / Italian romantic comedies) or you just want limit your choice.

But Amazon heralds the arrival of new games in the future. Such as Build-a-Cast, which we think will show you all the movies of your favorite actors. Then Time Machinewhich should help you make a movie marathon of a certain era.

The IMDb What to Watch app will only be available to users who have purchased a Fire TV. They will also be able to download it simply by asking Alexa. The app will also directly show which streaming platforms have the movie you have chosen while playing, avoiding giving you results that you cannot stream.

If you have one Amazon Fire TVdowntime as you choose what to stream are finished. Or at least we hope so: we certainly need a hand to choose in all that vastness of titles. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments.

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