FCA Bank and DR Automobiles Groupe side by side for the future

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FCA Bank continues to support the Italian automotive industry and for this reason has announced a new collaboration with DR Automobiles Group. A project unveiled on May 3 that underlines the importance that our country has for the bank in question. Thanks to this agreement, more and more people will have easy access to financial tools to switch to DR vehicles.

FCA Bank and DR Automobiles Groupe, together for the Italian automotive

The SUVs of the DR range over time have managed to carve out a considerable space in the crowded car market. To date this group is in very strong growthhaving registered + 191% in the first quarter of the year, compared to the results of 2021. A particularly striking figure, considering the strong bending that the industry is facing.

Massimo Di Risio, President of DR Automobiles Groupe, explained at the press conference how this success is due precisely to the philosophy of this brand. There is no fear of work hard among the ranks of the group, in order to be able to provide customers with a range of vehicles at competitive prices and with optimal performance. Added to this is a deep bond with the territory (both Molise, where the company is based, and in a more general sense Italy) but above all the concept of “standard full-optional”.

The idea is to offer customers one pragmatic proposalclear and above all certain, as he explained Massimo Di Tore, Communication & Marketing Director. When a buyer chooses his car, he is not bewildered by confusing offers and promotions, but he knows exactly how much he is going to spend. No confusing scissors, but an indication clear and precise.

Another key aspect of the group’s philosophy is trust in dealers, a fundamental link in the chain that leads from production to the buyer. The support of FCA Bank e Leasys Rent a DR Automobiles Group will help make this team even more solid by adding the piece that was missing to the flow.

Different formulas for one goal

The different SUVs in the range offer one variety of services and solutions, as well as price. In fact, compared to the competition there are many more models suitable for different pockets, with considerable savings. From the DR 3 up to the DR 6.0, top of the range that arrived very recently on the market, many will be able to find the perfect vehicle for your availability and needs.

Of course, with this partnership everything will become even more accessible. FCA Bank’s support will allow many people to get their own DR Automobiles Groupe vehicle with many different solutions. The formulas available are already different and over time they will do nothing but increase in numberproposing new ways.

Of course, among these we cannot fail to mention those offered by Leasys Rent, a subsidiary of FCA Bank dedicated to electric car sharing. Through this company it is possible to obtain access to vehicles with a very low impact in terms of emissions, thus helping to reduce the pollution of our planet.

Paolo ManfreddiCEO of Leasys Rent, explained how starting from June it will be possible to take advantage of the innovative formula CarCloud dedicated to DR SUVs. By paying a registration fee and a monthly fee of € 399.00, you can take home a vehicle that will satisfy our every need. Of course, in fact, there will be the all-inclusive package.

The word to FCA Bank and DR Automobiles Groupe

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Giacomo CarelliCEO and General Manager of FCA Bank, commented on the announcement of the partnership:

“The signing of this partnership with an Italian excellence such as the DR Group contributes to enhancing our extensive know-how in financial and mobility services for the automotive sector, developed over years of experience in Europe alongside some of the most important brands of the sector. With this agreement, the number of FCA Bank partners is enriched by a successful and rapidly expanding reality: a new step forward on the road that is leading us to establish ourselves as a bank of reference for the automotive and mobility sector “.

The aforementioned Massimo Di RisioFounder and President of DR Automobiles Groupe then added:

“We are very happy with this partnership with FCA Bank as it represents a very important step in our growth path which, which began a few years ago, has seen us gain market share in the last period. But our plans are ambitious. This agreement, thanks to the great experience of FCA Bank in the automotive sector, will allow us to implement them more easily, further strengthening our presence on the Italian market and giving greater impetus to the expansion path just undertaken on the main European markets “.

For more information on this, please visit the FCA Bank official website.

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