Il 30% delle aziende vuole sviluppare progetti in ambito 5G thumbnail

30% of companies want to develop 5G projects

Italian companies really believe in 5G: 30% of companies have projects started In this compound. This is what comes out of5G & Beyond Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano. A positive photograph of innovation towards digital in our country.

One in three companies invests in 5G projects

According to what emerges from the Observatory, knowledge of the strategic value of 5G is increasing in our country. 30% of companies know it well, compared to 24% in 2020 and only 27% do not know it at all: a huge jump compared to 48% last year.

But it is not enough to know him. 34% of companies are considering how to invest in this area, with the 30% who have already started projects or pilot initiatives. Also in the ICT supply chain: 43% have activated 5G projects or intend to do so in the next 12 months.

5g projects

“5G will be a fundamental enabler for the digital transformation of the country, offering the possibility to build services and applications unthinkable with current networks. We will get there in successive stages because this goal requires putting in their place a series of articulated pieces, through conviction and investments by everyone, private and public, supply chain and user companies “.

According to what emerges from the data, “the existence of large public networks with wide coverage and high performance is a fundamental condition for the 5G revolution to take place. To get them you need big investments “. But investments are also important. From 2016 to 2020 there are 98 international 5G startups that they have collected 2.2 billion dollars. Especially in the‘Edge Computing (21%), URLLC (9%) but with a lot of interest in Open RAN.

Finally, many companies are also interested in 5G-enabled technologies. Particularly Artificial Intelligence (30%) e l’IoT (28%).

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