EA Sports: The boxing game Fight Night could be back

Electronic Arts would like to bring back Fight Night, the EA Sports videogame series dedicated to boxing

On November 9, the renowned leaker Tom Henderson had sparked the curiosity and hypotheses of gamers, following a tweet of his: he claimed to have a big scoop in your hands about Electronic Arts and the return of a much loved title by fans long ago. Among the most suggested theories were a new Command and Conquer game, SimCity or something much more “old” like Populous, the god-game published by EA on the Amiga.

Either way, Henderson would eventually revealed the news the next day, and today we finally find out what it is: according to the leaker’s sources, Electronic Arts would be working on “Exhumation” of the sports series of EA Sports boxing, Fight Night.

Fight Night, EA Sports’ first boxing game

Tom Henderson said he learned, from sources familiar with EA Sports’ future plans, that a new project with a code name “Moneyball” would be in development, and that it will actually be a new Fight Night. And despite the fact that the latest game is out now ten years ago, the new chapter is still a long way off, as EA Canada intends to prioritize the next title in the UFC series. The company had sent the entire staff an email about it, stating that it was difficult to have enough staff to produce both titles due to the strong competition within the market. This was the motivation that caused one suspension in the creation of the new game, to make sure you create a quality UFC 5.

Not much is known about it yet, but it is clear how EA wants it revive its presence in the fighting games sector. Fight Night Champion, released in 2011, was the last game in the series, which, however, has always been able to count on a decidedly positive reception from fans. While they have always loudly voiced their desire for a new game in the series, EA has shifted its focus to UFC, possibly due to licensing issues related to the world’s most famous boxers.

Last year, one of the promoters of UFC 4 spoke in a stream about his idea on Fight Night proposed to EA, and how the title alone is still extremely popular every time he is mentioned on social media, suggesting potential success in the event of his future return.

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