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3D printing: what are the differences between resin and filament?

In this article we will find out what are the differences between filament and resin 3D printing to understand which one can meet your needs

3D printing is increasingly penetrating homes, R&D labs and businesses because it offers one very fast prototyping technology and high flexibility, as well as significant savings. In fact, 3D printing is based on additive technology which is an absolute novelty in manufacturing.

In fact, subtractive techniques have always been used, that is, starting from a block of material and removing everything that is not needed. From Michelangelo sculpting his statues on the wheel in factories, this has always been the standard. Instead, 3D printing allows you to add the material a little at a time, layer by layer in order to create the desired shape. However, they exist different methods to do this.

Stampa 3D: filament or resin?

There are two technologies mainly: 3D stamping filament (FDM) and resin (SLA). In the first case, the materials are supplied in large rolls of filaments. To print the wire is passed through an extruder which heats it to melting point and then deposits it. Filaments are available in many different materials and colors. They are standard for all manufacturers and can be found at low cost on the market.

In 3D printing using resin, on the other hand, the material is supplied inside a cartridge containing a photosensitive liquid which hardens upon contact with ultraviolet light. The extruder then deposits a drop and then bombards it with UV rays to harden it. In this case the materials and colors available are limited and often linked to the specific manufacturer. However, it is a technology much more precise that manages to produce objects with more complex and regular surfaces. But it is even more expensive. Furthermore, exposure to direct sunlight can ruin the product in the long run.

In general, if you need to quickly create low-cost, low-complexity prototypes, you should use filament technology. On the other hand, if you need high precision and print quality to make complex objects to be used in a controlled environment, then you should use resin 3D printing.

LONGER: 3D printing for every need

Whether looking for a filament or resin 3D printer, LONGER will certainly have the right answer for you. The company, born in 2016 in the belly of the WITHquickly became a big reality with over 100 employees and a 2000 square meter headquarters for production and offices. Thanks to over 50 patents, LONGER owns the know-how to produce different types of 3D printers with various technologies. Also with his 13 warehouses around the world can provide pre and post sales assistance to its customers.

Let’s see some of their most interesting products.


  • Large size equal to 300 x 300 x 400mm with upgraded Dual Blower Kit
  • 90% pre-assembled with stable triangular structure
  • 4.3 inch color touch screen and Carborundum glass platform
  • Quiet and open source motherboard
  • High temperature resistant Teflon tube
  • Print pause / resume function

This printout can be purchased at the promotional price of $ 299.99 thanks to the discount code “LK5PRO $ 30” which will save you $ 30. Also available is a bundle containing LONGER LK5 PRO and 3 kilos of PLA filament for a price of $ 379.69 which allows you to save about 49 euros compared to the list prices. Of course, various accessories are also available.

LONGER Orange 30 resin 3D printer

  • 119.8 x 68.0 x 169.9 cm plate for large prints
  • High precision, uniform matrix UV illumination
  • 2.8 inch touch screen and accelerated slicing speed
  • Rapid cooling system and high temperature warning

The LONGER Orange 30 printer is available at the promotional price of 149 dollars, compared to the 269 list. Obviously since it is a resin printer you will also need the specific printing materials.

LONGER Orange 4K: the latest resin 3D printer

  • 119.8 x 68 x 190 cm plate for large prints
  • Very high precision and printing speed
  • Double Z-axis linear guides and uniform parallel UV illumination
  • Rapid cooling system and high temperature warning

It is a slightly more evolved version of the previous one for works of greater value and dimensions. The promotional price is 399 dollars, against the $ 699 list price. This is almost a 50% discount!

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