5 differences between German and Italian online casinos, in short

5 differenze tra casinò online tedeschi e italiani, in breve

The online gaming industry is growing and many states are regulating it. This is how German online casinos work

Online gambling is also legal in Germany, where casinos can offer various games. Here are the differences with our country.

Online gaming is very popular in Italy and in the last two years it has recorded strong growth. In several European countries, online gaming activities are allowed and regulated with laws that are more or less restrictive than in Italy. While there are no common European regulations on gaming, there are general indications from the European Commission. These direct towards the protection of the most vulnerable segments of the population with respect to gambling activities, and the general trend is to adapt.

Germany is also among the states that have recently launched a new legislative system on the gaming sector. In fact, starting from 2021 all the German states, which until then had different rules on gaming, had to adapt to a new national law. This is the Glücksspielstaatsvertrag, the Treatise on the game which has brought order in a sector, that of the best online casinos in Germany, which is also increasingly relevant from an economic point of view. To get an idea of ​​what they are and what they offer best, visit specialized sites such as www.onlinecasinosdeutschland.com.

5 differences between German and Italian online casinos, in short

Online casinos and slots Germany the new rules

The new Gaming Treaty represents a big step forward for German online casinos, which were quite penalized before it. The reason is to be found in the massive presence of traditional casinos in all federal states. In fact, to protect their businesses, very often very severe limits have been placed on gambling in online casinos.

The new gambling law in Germany has many points in common with the Italian one, which has been in force for several years and also elements of discrepancy. Let’s find out what are the main differences between the best online casinos in Germany and the Italian ones.

  • Deposit limit per player – In Italy there are no limits to the amount a player can deposit on a gaming site. In Germany, however, each player can deposit a maximum of 1000 euros per month, regardless of the number of casinos he is a member of.
  • Advertising of games – In Italy starting from 2018, the year in which Law no. 96 of 9 August, any form of advertising for games with cash prizes is prohibited, with the exception of national lotteries with deferred draws. In Germany, advertising for the game is prohibited between 6am and 9pm and allowed in other times.
  • Games allowed – In Italy all types of games are allowed: slot machines, casino games, card games, bingo, lotto and lotteries, poker, dice games, skill games etc. At the best online casinos in Germany you can only play slot machines, poker and sports betting.
  • Separation of games – The best German online casinos can offer the different types of games allowed only on sites that have clearly separated areas. So there will be the area for online slots in Germany, graphically separated from that dedicated to poker or betting
  • Cross advertising – Cross advertising is not possible on gaming sites. Therefore, for example, as in Italy, you will not see a banner promoting slot machines on the sports betting page.
  • The gaming authority and the similarities with the Italian law

    The law that regulates gaming in Italy is often taken as an example by the legislators of other countries committed to creating a new regulatory framework relating to gaming. This is a sector that can no longer be ignored, let alone left without regulation. The web is boundless and always under attack by hackers and cybercriminals and the world of illegal gambling is more flourishing than ever.

    For this reason, many European nations, inspired by Italy, submit the gaming sector to an authority headed by the central government. Here with us is theCustoms agency and monopolies, in Germany it is the Central Gaming Authority. Like ADM, this body issues permits to casinos in Germany, verifying compliance with the rules and also combating illegal gambling activities. In this way it is possible to keep an expanding sector under control, also translating its success into economic benefits for the state.