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5 new features coming to Bing Chat

Bing Chat di Microsoft is renewed with GPT-4 and with several new interesting features: from the ability to reply with images and videos, up to support for plug-ins (coming soon). Here are the five most interesting news that we could all soon exploit.

Top 5 Hottest New Features Coming to Bing Chat

In three months of existence, Microsoft says users have started half a billion chats and generated 200 million images. No wonder the use of Bing is growing, as are downloads for the Bing mobile app. And that many new things are coming.

One thing you will be able to do is keep Bing Chat open while you use it: It will remain in the Microsoft Edge sidebar, so you can interact with the web while using the chabot.

Another big news: if you ask Bing something, it might reply with a photo or video. It’s not AI-created content, it’s just content taken from the web. For example, it might send you a written recipe, along with a video of someone making it, or a picture of the food.

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You can too customize and sort your saved chats – even if the limit of 20 answers remains. But also export them in various formats, such as Word and PDF (although the images and videos will not be included in the export).

Soon you will too load images into input: you can upload an image to Bing and have them tell you what’s there. And in the near future there will also be i plug-in: OpenTable for example, it will allow you to book tables in restaurants, making Bing talk to you.

Not the preview is publicso to try these features just sign in with your Microsoft account to Edge or Bing.

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