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Epos launches the new IMPACT 1000 headphones series

IMPACT 1000 the new series of revolutionary headphones, dedicated to those who work in Open Space environments, integrates the latest generation features to reduce brain fatigue

EPOS, the world’s leading premium audio and video brand, introduces the new IMPACT 1000 series, the future-proof on-ear Bluetooth headphones.

Epos launches the new IMPACT 1000 headphones series

Let’s find out all the details of this new Epos Impact 1000 together

IMPACT 1000 is the first headphone designed to respond to the challenges for those who work in environments open space. This headset, particularly suitable for conversation, ensures that everyone on the call can stay focused on the conversation while minimizing the expenditure of energy on listening and understanding the essentials.

EPOS IMPACT 1000 has been designed to help the brain to listen and understand, even if only one of the call participants is in a noisy environment. This reduces brain fatigue for all parties involved thanks to theAdaptive Hybrid ANC and adaptive vocal pickup powered by EPOS AI technology.

The new IMPACT 1000 headphones, take advantage of speech intelligibility technology and machine learning technology, to identify which sounds need to be suppressed in the user’s environment and which ones need to be enhanced. This first-of-its-kind combined solution helps address the challenges of some of the world’s most popular workplaces by enabling open-plan workers to block out unwanted noise and create disturbance-free work experiences for everyone. the parties participating in a call.

The new series IMPACT 1000bears witness to EPOS’ mission to perfect audio experiences: by exploiting the potential of new technologies, it alleviates brain fatigue by reducing distracting sounds and unlocks new levels of productivity and performance.

Epos launches the new IMPACT 1000 headphones series

EPOS solutions based on a number of state-of-the-art technology combinations

EPOS BrainAdapt technology: EPOS solutions based on this combination of cutting-edge technologies, improve cognitive performance and reduce brain fatigue thanks to adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and voice pick-up and, thanks to EPOS AI, clarity of speech is ensured.

EPOS AI: EPOS machine learning technology analyzes user environments 32,000 times per second to suppress disturbing sounds and enhance audio to ensure only relevant sounds are heard.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): equipped with an adaptive hybrid ANC system, the new Epos IMPACT 1000 guarantee blocking of unwanted background sounds to allow undisturbed conversations and reduce brain fatigue.

Different Levels of Intelligent Functionality: Triple Bluetooth connectivity, allows users to stay connected to three devices simultaneously to enable movement during a call. Functions TalkThrough allow users to communicate with colleagues swithout removing the headphoneswhile the 360° lighting signals when the user is on a call.

Designed for comfort: Users can enjoy comfortable use of the new Impact 1000 all day long thanks to the lightweight design, soft ear cushions, padded headband and Super Wideband for a natural sound. Ease of use is complete thanks to the contactless charging base, intuitive controls on the headphones and a host of smart features.

The new EPOS IMPACT 1000 is a high-end headset designed to meet the challenges of working in modern workplaces.

Thanks to its powerful technologies and easy-to-use features, they ease brain fatigue, reduce distracting sounds and allow users to reach new levels of productivity and performance.

Theis Mørk, EPOS VP Product Management, says: “The new IMPACT 1000 is a headset that marks a real paradigm shift. As companies grapple with the complexities of organizing open space, it’s critical to invest in products that deliver long-term benefits to both employees and the bottom line of the business. Thanks to our cutting-edge technologies, the IMPACT 1000 series is the long-term solution for professionals who rely on conversation and to achieve better results even in difficult environments. This latest model in the IMPACT line is testament to our commitment to providing durable, high-performance solutions that meet evolving needs and reduce the fatigue of work teams listening.”

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