Il 70% degli utenti ha "ansia da batteria dello smartphone" thumbnail

70% of users have “smartphone battery anxiety”

70% of users have "smartphone battery anxiety" thumbnail

According to a recent study, over the 70% of users suffer from “smartphone battery anxiety“, which occurs when the phone reports “the battery is low”. More than 65% of users admit that their mood varies depending on how much battery life they have left on their phone. The study, carried out in India, seems to show a new global trend.

Smartphone battery anxiety, 70% of users suffer from it

A market research of Counterpoint Research revealed that the 72% of mobile phone users in India he is afraid of running out of office. The report indicates that 65% of respondents have their mood affected by their phone’s battery life. 72% of respondents feel nervous when their phone battery drops below 20%.

Research shows that the Most cell phone users check their phone before sleeping. 87% of respondents say they use their phone while it’s charging. About half of the respondents charge your phone twice a day. 60% of respondents would replace their phone if the battery lasted longer.

improve smartphone battery life recharge min

Major cell phone manufacturers try to solve the problem of ‘battery anxiety’ increasing battery capacity and reducing charging times. Users can also limit the power consumption of the phone, iset the automatic screen brightness, close unnecessary applications when starting up the phone and turn off WIFI and GPS when not in use. These measures contribute to energy saving of the device.

But the study also reports that an important measure to avoid this type of anxiety is the “reduction of smartphone addiction”. And he explains that to put it into practice, it can help to get used to non-digital acts: like reading a book or spending more time outdoors.

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