Free access for everyone to Midjourney 5.1

Non si possono proteggere con il copyright le immagini AI di Midjourney thumbnail

The generative AI service Midjourneywhich allows you to create images from a text description, is back available for free after a hiatus in late March caused by a glut of users and some abuse of the tool. Free access to Midjourney 5.1 is therefore again possible via Discord.

Free access to Midjourney 5.1, available again for everyone

By the end of March, access had been suspended. Too many users for the servers, too many misuses of the platform. But now anyone can use it, similar to Bing Image Creator di Microsoft, but with more realistic results and at a higher resolution.

To access the service, just send your requests to one of the dedicated Discord server rooms, using the command /imagine.

Recently, the Midjourney model has recently been updated to the version 5.1, which promises to produce even more convincing images. To activate it, just type the /settings command and select it.

Generative AI is a rapidly growing field in recent months, which has given birth to many similar services. Stable Diffusion, Neural Blender, Playground AI and many more have appeared online, each with its own characteristics and goals. Midjourney, also due to the free access, remains among the most popular.

Con the European Union ready to launch the AI ​​Act and increasingly intense controls by privacy and copyright regulators, image-generating AI will remain at the center of discussion in the future. But in the meantime, free access to test Midjourney allows users to get an idea of ​​the potential of the platform.