8 careers related to the world of gaming

8 careers related to the world of gaming

Have you ever considered putting your skills and your passion at the service of much of gaming, turning them into a springboard for a long and profitable career?

Considering that this is an ever-growing sector that knows no crisis, this perspective must be taken into consideration. To do this you just need to have some To do it you just need to have solid IT bases, built through special university courses or through training alternatives, commit to the maximum, be creative and love the videogame world, which has always been able to bring together young and old.

8 careers related to the world of gaming

The possibilities are truly endless, here are a few.

Games Designer

If you are a person who likes to develop concepts starting from simple ideas, this type of work can be for you. It starts from a storyline to define the plot, development and characterization of the characters and their interactions during the game experience, to get to apply all these aspects to what will be a future video game.

Software developer and programmer

Software developer and computer programmer are tasked with converting creatives’ vision into a user-controllable gaming experience. You will interact with all the typical tools of programming and coding to create instructions that the systems used by video games can read, converting them into action and fun. To obtain training that can act as a springboard in this sector, the coding course organized by aulab is certainly an excellent choice. It is a real coding bootcamp, that is an intensive programming course that in 3 months, through face-to-face or online lessons and constant exercises, allows you to obtain a solid basic training on the most modern technologies used in web development, even starting from scratch.

Audio engineer

This type of professional deals with all aspects related to the sound part of a video game, through the use of computers, electronic audio instruments and much more, to create the set of sounds that will characterize the play experience. The audio of a game has become a fundamental part to improve the overall performance of the game and to keep the user attached to the screen.


If you think you have some useful skills for creating memorable characters, this could be your way. These professionals use the collaboration of software engineers to translate their ideas into images, commands on movements and behaviors, for use within the game.

Artistic staff

If you are passionate about art in all its facets, there are roles for you in the world of gaming too. The staff that takes care of the artistic side of the video game will try to make the experience as real as possible, with the creation of elements that will make the scenarios, the views, the visual quality of the surfaces and the characters protagonists of the story richer.

Interpreters and translators

The videogame industry is now a huge marketplace, and to make the product salable at any latitude, the continuous support of translators and interpreters will be needed. The dialogues between the characters will be adapted to the target audience to make the experience more personalized and adherent to the local taste, while from a more practical point of view, the instructions and documentation accompanying the game will have to be translated to be easily understandable. and usable for all users, regardless of their language.

Video game tester

And finally we arrive at the fateful moment, that of the game! Unfortunately, the tester will not be able to fully enjoy the hours in front of the screen with a pad in hand because he will have to concentrate on the aspects that do not work, to ensure that the quality is impeccable when the title makes its debut on the market. We are not limited to audio or video imperfections, but also to aspects that affect the playability, the clarity of the instructions and other possible bugs.

Professional gamer

Until some time ago, thinking of developing a real career by exploiting one’s gamer skills was absurd and almost utopian. Modern reality has meant that those who invest a lot of time in playing a video game can also make money. Like? First of all through the many tournaments that take place all over the world, which apart from prize money, include sponsorships similar to those of sports professionals. In addition, there is also the social side with profitable streaming activities that come to life on platforms such as Youtube and the brand new Twitch.