A bug has put the security of over 100 million Samsung smartphones

Some Samsung smartphones have a security flaw which, potentially, could open the doors to hackers able to access, thanks to this bug, the memory of the device by recovering all the information stored in it. Confirmation comes from a research team of Tel Aviv University. According to the survey, some models of Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S20 and S21 they do not properly store the encryption keys, exposing the software to the risk of violations.

The security flaw of Samsung smartphones has already been closed but the bug was potentially very serious

The research is available onlinee and highlights potential security risks for some Samsung smartphones. However, the Korean company has already been spotted of the survey results last August. A security patch has been available since October that has eliminated the vulnerability identified in approx 100 million active smartphones on the market.

Problems with encryption keys

According to the researchers of Tel Aviv University, the application Keymaster Trusted Application that performs the encryption calculations of Samsung smartphones does not work properly. Due to a bug, in fact, the same cryptographic key would always be used, thus exposing the devices to significant security risks. Furthermore, the vulnerability can also be exploited to bypass the WebAuthn FIDO2 technology that allows online authentication without a password.

To eliminate the risks, simply install the security patches released in recent months by Samsung for the models affected by the bug.