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Kenneth Branagh dreams of the “Christieverse” after the success of Murder on the Nile

Kenneth Branagh has no intention of seeing the adventures of his cinematic Poirot end: after Murder on the Nile he hopes for the arrival of a “Christieverse”

Kenneth Branagh returned to film as Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Nile. After the success of Murder on the Orient Express, the British director brought a work based on the novels of Agatha Christie to the big screen and replicated the fortune of the first chapter, also opening the doors to a wider narrative. So many ideas at stake, from creating a real one “Christieverse” to the involvement of another iconic figure of the British writer’s detective stories such as Miss Marple.

Kenneth Branagh and the dream of the “Christieverse”

The British filmmaker spoke, interviewed by AMC Theaters, about the success of Murder on the Nile, but also about possible developments on the series starring Hercule Poirot. Branagh did not limit himself to bringing the adventures of the great detective to the screen, but represented his inner torments, began to delve into his past and basically left the doors open to further deepening of the character.

In this interview, therefore, the actor admitted that he would like to see the birth of a real one cinematic universe dedicated to the books of Agatha Christie, perhaps with the arrival of another pivotal figure such as Miss Marple. The actor admitted that he had read many novels starring the woman and that he was also very passionate about her character, which he would see very well in a crossover with his Poirot.

And this meeting it could be precisely the starting point of a possible “Christieverse”, making two characters interact who in Christie’s literary fiction have never met, but which cinema could lead to collaborate.

The success of Murder on the Nile

Still obviously the “Christieverse” remains an idea in its infancy, if not just a dream of Kenneth Branagh. Meanwhile, the British actor and director is enjoying the success of “Murder on the Nile”, which earned about 80 million dollars at the world box office and which in Italy grossed almost 4 million eurosmaking it one of the most viewed films in our country.

Replicating the success of Assassination on the Orient Express wasn’t easy, but Branagh has succeeded and now has no intention of stopping. For news on the eventual “Christieverse” and on the whole world of cinema and TV series continue to consult our site.

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