A bug in The Sims 4 turns frightened Sims into crazy arsonists

Un bug di The Sims 4 trasforma i Sim spaventati in piromani thumbnail

Several players on the net complain about some bugs related to the latest update of The Sims 4. The problems would be related to the Cravings and Fears trait, leading the Sims to act strangely when they manifest certain phobias. In particular the bug would lead our lovable characters to become arsonists mad, ready to start fires around the house. In this case we recommend listening to Burning Down the House by Talking Heads, which certainly does not solve the problem, but makes it more hilarious.

Originally released last August, the Wants & Fears allows Sims to desire or fear certain things or situations. The mechanic had already caused several bugs in the past, such as the problem of incestuous wishes and premature aging of the Sims.

The Sims 4 has an incendiary bug

The new update was supposed to introduce an interesting mechanic: Whenever a Sim experiences a fire (or gets burned while cooking) they should develop a fear of fire. However, what happens is exactly the opposite. Sims who develop a phobia of fire are now more likely to cause fires. “Accidental fires” say the Sims questioned by the SimPolice.

Seriously, the bug has become really problematic for many players, who complain on the net that the title is unplayable. Fires would ruin the gaming experience, being repeated and constant.

“My current (sim) family thrives on salads to avoid using the stove or grill. They just don’t have the money to replace a 400 Simoleon stove [moneta di gioco, ndr] every day, ”wrote one user on Reddit.

“Four Sims died in an apartment just now due to an accidental toilet fire”, added another player, with an almost (tele) journalistic tone. “The firefighters were unable to put out the fire as the bathroom was too small. It was a gathering of a kids’ club and they all ran to the bathroom when the fire broke out. I left without saving the game, I couldn’t bear the tragedy ”the user commented, not without a hint of laughter.

Another similar bug relates to the stretch fear of the dark. Sims who exhibit this fear are unable to transform into vampires. All that remains is to wait for a patch from the developer Maxis. In the meantime, perhaps, install a few more fire extinguishers.

We remind you that from October 18th The Sims 4 is officially free-to-play. This means that the base game is free on PC and consoles.