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A complete Elden Ring streamer with just the power of thought

A story that looks like science fiction from the pen of Philip K. Dick, and instead it happened yesterday, live on Twitch. A streamer called Perrikaryal has completed the entire campaign of Elder Ring using only the mind.

The girl, who recently obtained a master’s degree in psychology, used the controller only to move the character, while all actions (including fights) were managed with thought.

How did he play Elden Ring with his mind?

Obviously Perrikaryal is not from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardryand at the base of his enterprise there is an interesting and disturbing tech solution.

The streamer used a brain imaging device, sort of electroencephalogram (EEG), to record the electrical activity in your brain. Perri then mapped the different spikes in brain activity to certain key Elden Ring commands. In short, you know when in games you can remap the controller? Behold: she has remapped her mind!

In doing so he was able to assign a command to each peak. In the case of the attack, for example, Perri explained to Gamesradar, he had to imagine “pushing something heavy forward”.

The clip below shows the moment Perrikaryal landed the final blow on Elden Beast, the final boss fight of Elden Ring. In the video, we see Perri healing and casting spells, using her mind to control both actions until the credits roll.

Although Perri made the battle look easy, the streamer explained that it took a lot of work to do it:

“Sometimes I accidentally tap my foot and it completely messes it up, because it changes the brain wave,” he said.

After Elden Ring, Perri now plans to play “completely hands-free Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.” The girl also plans to broadcast “an experiment in psychological isolation” online.

“We are pushing for greater accessibility in games and for greater neuroscience awareness,” he added.

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