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Twitter Blue starts today: those who have not paid lose the blue check

The operation starts today Twitter Blue created by Elon Musk. To have the blue check, an indicator of a verified account, you will have to pay by registering for the subscription program.

The Blue Twitter feature starts today

Before the arrival of Elon Musk, verifications on Twitter with a blue check were given to profiles of people considered famous in various fields such as politics, sport and entertainment or to organizations, bodies and the like.

The CEO of the social blue, this mode has never gone well, who has decided precisely to introduce the aforementioned Twitter Blue. This is the paid program that allows profiles on Twitter to display a blue check representing a verified account. This novelty, when it was announced, created discontent and confusion as it opened the door to scammers and fake characters.

Elon Musk didn’t even waste time playing on the activation date of the program he introduced, Twitter Blue. In English-speaking countries – and not only – today’s date which corresponds to April 20 is written 4-20 (it is customary to put the month first and then the day in the transcription of a date). The number 420 it indicates a code used in the 70s to refer to the consumption of marijuana.

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How TwitterBlue works

What do you have to do to get the sticker then? The only way is to subscribe to Twitter Blue, which costs money €9.76 per month or €102.48 per year. This ensures access to exclusive features such as priority searches and conversations, fewer ads, longer and high-definition videos, editing tweets, limiting up to 10,000 characters and using nft in the profile.

Until 2017, Twitter only allowed sharing short posts, up to a maximum of 140 characters. Right in 2017, well before the advent of Elon Muskthe platform had extended the limit to 280 characters (which is still the maximum today for users not subscribed to Blue).

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