A drone was made using Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings

Un drone funzionante è stato realizzato utilizzando i disegni di Leonardo da Vinci thumbnail

Il givenio of Leonardo da Vinci is confirmed to be more and more extraordinary. From some drawings made by Leonardo more than 500 years ago, in fact, a team of engineers from the‘University of Maryland has since developed a technology for the realization of a functioning drone. Subsequently, Austin Priest, an aerospace engineer part of the American university team, developed the project further by creating Crimson Spin. It is a drone with four propellers and unmanned which incorporates the design and technology anticipated by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings. The prototype of the project was built and was also used to make short trips.

A drawing by Leonardo da Vinci becomes reality

Engineer Prete commented: “I was absolutely surprised that it worked”. In fact, in the initial phase of the project, the entire team of the American university was very doubtful about the feasibility of the project and only computer simulations prompted the engineers to go further and try to implement the technology conceived by Leonardo da Vinci. Prete’s project was then presented on video at the conference Transformative Vertical Flight 2022 in San Jose, California last week.

The image below shows us the project carried out by Austin Prete:

Crimson SpinCrimson Spin

We needed the right technology

To carry out your project, Leonardoclearly he didn’t have the right tools and technologies. The drone developed by the American engineer, in fact, was designed after long computer simulations and makes extensive use of carbon fiber, plastic materials and aluminum. To allow the flight are small electric motors.