Halo Infinte: new multiplayer mode coming?

Recent rumors reveal that a new multiplayer mode of Halo Infinte is in development by Certain Affinity, let’s find out the details about it

New rumors reveal that Halo Infinite may soon get one new multiplayer mode designed for new players. According to Jez Corden of Windows Central, the new multiplayer mode is currently in development by the guys at Certain Affinity codenamed “Tatanka”. Other details suggest that this new multiplayer mode is designed to be a more “friendly” experience for newcomers, resulting less demanding or competitive than the other methods present

The new multiplayer mode of Halo Infinte will be full of surprises

The news on the new multiplayer mode of Halo Infinte does not end there. Corden says the new mode does will link to the new Forge mode, coming soon in the game. Player-created content in Forge Mode will be a key part of the new mode, although it has not yet been revealed how. Corden’s sources also claim that the new Halo Infinite experience will take advantage of the cosmetics present in the multiplayer.

Halo Infinte: new multiplayer mode coming?

Recall that Certain Affinity seems to be busy these days on a title inspired by Monster Hunter for Xbox. This project is codenamed “Project Luck”And will be full of great battles against fearsome monsters with gameplay designed for multiplayer. It wouldn’t be out of place for Certain Affinity to work on an Xbox project, since have been working closely with Microsoft since 2007. The studio also helped develop various chapters of the Halo saga, Call of Duty and more. We just have to wait for more information about it to find out more.

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