A first look at the new Google Meet features

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Google’s new year begins with the announcement of a number of new integrations Google Workspace e Google Meet, features to allow people to connect in an increasingly intuitive and faster way. Whether it’s a work video call or a greeting to friends and relatives, the new features are designed to increase the possibilities available to users. They range from playful elements (such as in-meeting reactions) to the extension of services for mobile. And then again new backgrounds and integrations that will arrive during 2023.

Google Meet: All new features

Here are the main changes as announced by Google:

  • In-meeting reactions: Starting today, in-meeting reactions are coming to Meet so all users can express themselves using emojis. They create more emphasis when multiple people use the same emoji in succession. 89% of global users use emojis as an alternative way to share thoughts and ideas: reactions during meetings can help improve their expressiveness. They are available on the web, Meet Hardware devices and mobile, for all consumer users and paid accounts.

Google Meet in meeting reactions mobile

  • 360 degree wallpapers: Google Meet users on mobile devices can now use the new 360-degree backgrounds. These combine video and your device’s gyroscope, which helps determine the orientation of your phone, to create a more engaging Meet experience. The backgrounds will initially include the beach, and will be enriched with an oasis, a city skyline and a mountain temple to follow. The 360 ​​degree wallpapers are available for mobile on Android and iOS.
  • The upgrade from Duo to Meet is finally complete: Meet is now the all-in-one solution for video calls and meetings. To ensure that all users can take advantage of new features, such as in-meeting reactions and 360-degree backgrounds, users are encouraged to use the updated Meet app. Starting January 17, anyone using the original version of the Meet app on Android and iOS will start receiving notifications inviting them to switch to the updated Meet app.
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