Skull and Bones: New postponement and cancellation of three Ubisoft titles

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The lean cows went to Ubisoft’s boarding: the few sales condemned three games and (re-) postponed Skull and Bones

You know that Ubisoft he’s not doing great, and the same goes for fans waiting to Skull and Bones. Together with Activision the publisher has ended up in the middle of a media storm for the controversial office environment, as well as for its recent postponements and a list of canceled projects that, unfortunately, is about to get longer. L’insider Stephen Totilo has not sugarcoated anything in his latest report on behalf of Axios. The transalpine videogame publisher is facing “slower than expected” sales, to the point of being “caught off guard” by the results. And given the trend of the gaming industry in recent years, the most sensible response is retreat.

Panic South of the Channel: Ubisoft postpones Skulls and Bones, and more

Ubisoft’s plan is to reduce the costs of 200 million dollars, complete with a “transfer of non-essential assets”. In all of this, the postponements of Skull and Bones intend to overlap further. The game, already guilty of years and years of delays, can only hope for an “imminent beta phase”, with an expected release period around “early 2023-2024”. At this point, we can only assume that the dates are to be understood as fiscal years, which as we know usually start and end in early April. We leave the consultation of Totilo’s tweet to the English speakers among you.

The pirate title was slated for a release last November before a postponement to March 10th. Game development is particularly troubled, and has been for years despite an apparent $100 million budget. And these figures are for the summer of two years ago; now the expenses could be increased further. It’s not a good time for new games either, given Ubisoft’s comments on the results grossed by Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. The game sold “less than expected”; whether it is due to Ubisoft’s astronomical expectations on day one or the brutal competition despite the game’s merits (in a niche genre), then, remains to be seen.

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